The Deadly Health Dangers Of Table Salt

Source: NaturalHealth365

Salt is a basic and essential mineral to human health. Whether it is mined from the Himalayan mountains or extracted from the waters of the sea, sea salt helps to maintain proper balance in the human body as well as the systems of most living creatures.  But, the table salt used by most people in the Western world is heavily processed and horrible for human health.

In reality, our bodies need salt for maintaining circulation and ideal blood sugar levels. Salt even plays a role in maintaining and supporting bone density as well as a range of other health processes. However, while Himalayan and sea salt benefits are many, table salt can actually be toxic!

Fact: Table salt is devoid of natural sea salt benefits

Not all salt is created equal. In fact, what is being sold as table salt could be poisonous to the human system. "Table salt" is actually sodium chloride and is a manufactured form of salt. While this substance is similar to naturally-occurring salt from crystals, rocks or the sea, table salt is a pale substitute for these natural salt sources.

Table salt is cooked at 1200° Fahrenheit, which causes it to begin losing its alkaline minerals, valuable elements and properties. By contrast, Himalayan salts and sea salts are dried and prepared in the sun. It is these key alkaline minerals that bring many sea salt benefits, including hydration, ideal electrolyte levels and balanced sodium-potassium ratios in the body.

These trace elements also assist with proper immune system functioning, thyroid health and adrenal functioning. Additionally, natural salt elements create digestive enzymes that are essential in extracting and assimilating nutrients and vitamins from the foods we eat. These key elements are completely stripped away from table salt.

So, what exactly is commercial table salt?

In contrast to these health-promoting components of natural salt, the table salt purchased in grocery stores contain added synthetic chemicals. These unnatural additives can include manufactured sodium solo-co-aluminate, sodium bicarbonate, iodide, anti-caking agents, toxic potassium iodide, fluoride and aluminum derivatives. (sounds disgusting … doesn't it?)

Because of these additives, some forms of table salt are not just unhealthy; they can also be downright toxic. White sugar and MSG have also been found in table salt. In some cases, salt is bleached in order to create its white color.

The hazards and health dangers of table salt

Table salt affects health by causing the blood pressure to elevate rapidly in an attempt to move the toxic elements safely away from the heart and out of the body. There is a strong negative link between salt and blood pressure, which is why persons with high blood pressure are often told to reduce or stop their use of table salt.

A number of chronic diseases and imbalances are exacerbated by the presence of salt, including diabetes and gout. Many processed foods contain extremely high amounts of table salt or sodium, which can lead to hypertension, heart disease, kidney problems, thyroid issues, liver problems, and goiters. Table salt and sodium in processed products is also very hard on the nervous system, circulatory system and lymphatic systems.

To avoid the potentially deadly hazards of table salt, favor natural, minimally-processed Himalayan salt or sea salt whenever possible. And, of course, (regardless of the source) always use salt in appropriately – based on your current lifestyle and health status.

Editor's note: Click here to discover the health benefits of sea salt – a much better (healthier) alternative to table salt.


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