Source: The CDC’s latest proposed regulations (August 2016) allow forced medication, quarantine, and electronic tracking of humans. Congress should not be allowing this to happen on their watch. They should guarantee the right of individuals and families to (1) self-quarantine at home during emergencies, and (2) remain free of forced medical treatment and tracking devices. The solution is simple.  Let's protect health freedom. Congress can start that process now and start the debate by introducing The Homestead Self-Quarantine Protection Amendment (“HSQP”).  It is pro-Family, pro-Nature, and pro-Constitution. For more information, visit Click here to sign the petition!
Source: Activist Post By Jon Rappoport On a scale of importance from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important, this breaking development is a 500. On Friday, the traditional day of the week for quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be ignored by the public—and also obscured by the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting—the chief of Homeland Security announced that his office will be taking over US elections. If you can't see the coup in progress, you need to keep looking until the message comes through. Read carefully—ABC News reports. My comments are in brackets: "Citing increasingly sophisticated cyber bad actors and an election infrastructure that's 'vital to our national interests', Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Friday that he's designating U.S. election systems critical infrastructure…" [Also known as: "we're taking over."] "'Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law'," Johnson said in a statement. He added: 'Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do'." [Also known as: "we're taking over."] "The determination came after months of review…
Source: By Dr. Mercola Inside the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of your brain, which is part of your hypothalamus, resides your master biological clock. Based on signals of light and darkness, your SCN tells your pineal gland when it's time to secrete melatonin, and when to turn it off. Your melatonin level inversely rises and falls with light and darkness, and both your physical and mental health is intricately tied to this rhythm of light and dark. When it's dark, your melatonin levels increase, which is why you may feel tired when the sun starts to set. Conversely, when you're exposed to bright artificial lighting at night, including blue light emitted from TV's and electronic screens, you may have trouble falling asleep due to suppressed melatonin levels. Many sleep problems can be resolved by making sure you avoid blue light exposure after sunset and sleep in total darkness. Interestingly, being exposed to very dim light during sleep — even if it does not noticeably seem to impair your sleep — may also affect your brain function and cognition during the day. Minute Amounts of Light During Sleep Can Affect Cognition I've been a long-time advocate of sleeping in TOTAL darkness,…
Source: News With Views Amendments to the U.S. Constitution have thankfully been few since our constitutional republic was birthed. The ignorance in this country regarding the founding of this republic and the U.S. Constitution is sad and dangerous. The well executed plan to dumb down generations of Americans using government indoctrination centers they call public schools has been wildly successful. How many times do we hear 'our democracy' on the stupid tube, talk radio or speakers who don't even know our legal form of government? The push in those communist incubators to brainwash America's children with their global citizen propaganda has also been hugely successful. Is it any wonder so many adult Americans today under the age of 40 have no connection to our roots, no appreciation of the sacrifices made to make America a new country or the importance of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights? Too many Americans, primarily those who identify as progressive liberals (Marxists) or just run of the mill liberals (socialists) have worked hard over the years to destroy the very document, the U.S. Constitution, that has given them the greatest freedoms known to mankind in any country on this…
Source: Infowars Rush to provoke war with Russia prior to Trump's inauguration The Obama administration, not content to let an opportunity to antagonize Russia pass by, has announced the acceleration of pre-planned troop deployments to counter "Russian aggression" in eastern Europe. The decision was announced publicly following a meeting between Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz and Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the commander of U.S. Army Europe. Macierewicz said he was "very happy that a decision has been taken by the U.S. side for an earlier deployment." The United States will reportedly deploy the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, a component of the 4th Infantry Division currently based at Fort Carson, Colorado, to the western Polish city of Zagan sometime in early January. According to Hodges, the unit has already left Fort Carson and is preparing to travel by ship to the German port city of Bremerhaven. In addition, a separate battalion currently based in Germany will be re-deployed to the northeastern Polish city of Orzysz at the start of April. Orzysz lies near the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, where Russian President Vladimir Putin has accelerated the deployment of nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles. The continued deployment of troops to Eastern Europe is…
Source: News With Views By Thomas ErtlDecember 13, It is hard to imagine a more heated month of speculation following a presidential election victory than what we've seen with Donald Trump. It's been fun to see the Establishment media jump immediately into a hyper state of fluster that keeps getting more shrill as January 20, 2017 gets closer. Much of the discussion has involved the stream of candidates we are seeing arrive at the Trump Tower to be interviewed for cabinet positions. As cabinet selections are made by Trump, criticism has been mounting, not only from predictable Establishment circles, but also from the libertarian realm with commentators like Joel Skousen and Chuck Baldwin. Skousen has detailed the Establishment background of Trump's current selections. Baldwin also directed criticism at Trump's selections, wondering if "JEB won the election," not Trump. An example of their concern would be Steve Mnuchin, tabbed as Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin was a Goldman Sachs executive, was a hedge fund operator who worked with Soros, and is a Yale member of the Skull and Bones secret society. He represents everything Establishment that Trump has been against. So, is there reason for alarm? Maybe, maybe not! Let's…
Source: What Does It Mean December 12, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A truly grim Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that 3 hours ago [1137hrs local Moscow GMT+3/0337hrs local Washington D.C. GMT-4], the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) came to the defense of President-elect Donald Trump and canceled the leaves of all of its 35,000 agents, intelligence analysts and employees in a bid to stop the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from overthrowing the democratically elected government of the United States. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.] According to this report, SVR analysts over the past fortnight became “intrigued/concerned” after the FBI began relocating 13 of its estimated 14 Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams from all around the United States to MacDill Air Force Base (MAFB), Florida, where they were all then placed under a joint command structure with the US Militaries Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). These FBI SWAT teams, this report explains, function as a high-level national commando organization in extremely sensitive or dangerous situations, and who…
Source: The Grow Network The Intense Pain of a Copperhead Bite The pain was becoming loud, and it was filling up the room and bouncing off the walls. I began writhing on the living room rug. I sprawled this way and that, pinned down invisibly by my snake bitten left foot. I was groaning and for a brief moment Dave's face loomed over me. His mouth was set in a line and his eyes studied me, searching for something. I heard him rush back to the office where my daughter was still watching the video. I could hear their voices, my daughter Kimber, occasionally Dave, and mostly Doug Simons as he explained in the video how traditional medicine worked. Their sounds came to me mixed in with the loudness of the pain. I couldn't understand what they were saying. I didn't care. In Case You Missed It: Read Part 1 Here Following Familiar Guidance And then suddenly in the middle of the pain and the roaring in my ears, I felt a quiet calm presence that joined with me. This presence was I, but not I. She was someone very familiar, very wise. She pointed out that since I was…
Source: The Grow Network My Overgrown Jungle of Tomatoes My bare feet delighted in parting the thick summer grass, blissfully unaware of the danger I was about to encounter. I was on my way to the tomato patch. I hadn't wanted this jungle of indeterminate tomato plants. But a freeze had wiped out my initial planting of the more orderly bushes of paste tomatoes. (If you don't know what indeterminate tomatoes are, or you would like to see some video of the tomato patch, check out this short video: Homesteading Basics: Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomatoes) These unwanted tomato plants had megalomaniacal tendencies. They created a forest that sprawled and climbed all over everything. They were producing way more foliage than tomatoes. So I had to plunge deep into the patch to find anything. A Blessing and a Curse But wow, did I start grinning when my explorations revealed a fat 6″ diameter beefsteak tomato hanging in the shade. My mouth started to water as I cradled the heavy beauty. Whew, I had no idea this thing had been growing in there. Oh, the bragging rights! It is almost impossible to grow this big beautiful variety in our climate. And this…
Your Checklist for Health Repair Read First: The following discussion on Health and Consciousness is for informational purposes only.  It is not written by a medical doctor, is not intended to diagnose, treat, or make recommendations for any particular medical condition, and is not evaluated, approved or endorsed by any government agency.  If you require medical advice, diagnostic tests, medical procedures, drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, or any other services of advanced science and medicine, please consult your medical professional.  Nothing in this article is intended to suggest what the reader should do in any situation.  That decision belongs to each of us as individuals, working with the qualified expert of our choice. Dear Reader: The following list of items for health repair is just a place to start.  But if you really do what is in it, you can transform your situation for the better.  If you want to improve your health, you have to be open to increasing your consciousness, because the two go together.  You have to question everything, and take responsibility for your own learning, your own health, your own awareness.  If that is your attitude, even a word or two will help you immensely.   You will fill…
Source: The Dakota pipeline protests have become the frontline representation of the critical struggle against a completely out of control totalitarian power structure. Those in power cannot afford to allow this justifiable protest to continue or succeed. Geoengineering/weather warfare has now been added to the already long list of criminal assaults that have been hurled at the peaceful pipeline protesters. In the coming days and weeks, weather warfare will likely be the most deadly and effective weapon that the power structure will wield against the pieceful Dakota pipeling protesters. Record snowfall amounts have buried the pipeline protest camp at Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota, November 29, 2016​. Photo credit: Reuters Climate engineering and the use of toxic chemical ice nucleation elements are the reason a record early season snow has just occurred in the exact region of the protests (named winter storm "Blanche"). If you don't believe snowstorms can be completely engineered, you have not done your research. Weather warfare has long since been a covert weapon of choice for the criminals that truly control our government. Is it just a coincidence that a record early season snowstorm also decimated the Occupy Wall Street protesters? Occupy Wall Street protesters prepare for the record October, 2011, snowstorm…
Source: The ConTrail Everyone's talking about "fake news" … Google Trends shows that – starting in late October – that phrase absolutely exploded in terms of internet search. In the last month, Obama, Merkel, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post and many other mainstream media have warned about the dangers of fake news. There certainly is a lot of fake news.  And some of it is by anti-establishment types trying to discredit American institutions with false reports. But – as we document below – the government and mainstream media are by far the biggest purveyors of fake news. The U.S. Government and MSM Would NEVER Produce Fake News If you think that the U.S. mainstream media is anything but objective and spontaneous, then watch this: The Government's Been Deploying Propaganda On U.S. Soil for Many Years The United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities found in 1975 that the CIA submitted stories to the American press: Wikipedia adds details: After 1953, the network was overseen by Allen W. Dulles, director of the CIA. By this time, Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. The usual methodology was…
Source: Nov 28, 2016 — Dear Friends, Whoa! The Associated Press just announced it is updating its Style Guide on the usage of alt-right. AP says the term should not be used generically because it's primarily "a public-relations device to make its supporters’ actual beliefs less clear and more acceptable to a broader audience. In the past we have called such beliefs racist, neo-Nazi or white supremacist." This is huge! AP is a definitive source on usage and style for most media.A coincidence that 25,000 of us signed the “ petition in the past week. I think not! You spoke up and together we helped raise awareness and make a difference. But don't kick back yet. Our work is far from over. In fact, it’s just beginning. The media’s dangerous use of the term alt-right is just one example of how quickly extremism and authoritarianism can -- and will -- get normalized. I’ve set up a Not Alt Right Facebook page. It’s not even fully done yet, but I just couldn't wait to tell you about the AP. But go ahead and like it anyway, and we’ll start building it up: Thankful for you,Tracey PS: Read more on the…
Source: The ConTrail Sioux Tribe Leader Responds to Army Corps Eviction Letter With Ominous Warning to US Gov't Claire Bernish November 26, 2016 :Free Thought Project In response to the altogether shocking announcement the Army Corps of Engineers will be evicting water protectors from the Oceti Sakowin and any camps north of the Cannonball River, the Cheyenne River Tribe — co-litigants in a lawsuit seeking to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline — sharply condemned the plan as "a direct and irresponsible threat to the water protectors." On Friday — unironically, the day after Thanksgiving — Army Corps District Commander Col. John W. Henderson sent a letter to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier announcing the closure of Corps-managed land to all "public use and access" on December 5. Henderson's letter and the Army Corps' plan is an affront to dignity and logic in multiple ways — most notably, the reason cited for clearing the peaceful camps. "This decision is necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontations between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area, and to prevent death, illness, or serious injury to…
Source: Nov 26, 2016 — A sliver of good Thanksgiving news from Hawaii: Native Americans protest to protect their ancestral waters in North Dakota and are met with tear gas and militaristic suppression, water protectors in Maui have taken to the ballot box to elect Alika Atay, the island’s leading Native Hawaiian earth justice advocate, to their County Council. An organic farmer and the grassroots leader of the statewide Aina (earth) Protector’s United effort, Atay had no prior political experience. Yet on November 8, he scored a dramatic victory late in the vote-counting night. As Atay described in an email to supporters the following day, “The 4th printout showed that we had lost by 259 votes and I was ready to concede, so we pule (prayed) and sang Hawaii Aloha. Then we got call that they did not count the 2000 ballots from Haiku, which is my country. We gathered everybody again and pule and sang Hawaii Aloha & Doxology (liturgy). Then we got a phone call saying that we won by 808 votes. We said that Po’ohala (my late son) had a hand in it. He asked Akua to let his daddy win; and win by 808 votes.”…
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