Source: AirCrap A critical overview of vaccine side effects Ever since vaccinations were introduced 200 years ago there has been a lot of controversy surrounding them. Some people think of illnesses as being primarily dangerous or at least inconvenient. They see vaccinations as an effective means to avoid diseases and possibly even eradicate them while others see the benefits of certain diseases and the potential dangers of vaccinations.The key of a vaccination is to trade off the hazardous nature of the disease against the potential adverse effects of the vaccination and alternative treatment methods. This website provides you with a critical discussion of the subject of vaccinations (also from the perspective of naturopathy and homeopathy) and its objective is to assist you in making your own personal decision. Reporting of side effects of a vaccination and possible vaccine damages Reactions to vaccination and possible vaccine damage, please fill out the form. The reported adverse reaction can be found in the vaccine damage database. Read more: Summary of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Staggering differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated:
Source: HealthNutNews Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year!!! By Erin Elizabeth (Editor’s note: Here is the entire list and photos of all 60+ doctors who have died mysteriously since last year. Click here to read.) Update: We also received word from a reliable source stating the following: "Dr Skellchock was working as a professional witness concerning laser damage. I have a couple friends who were recommended to her from a lawyer in Miami whose wife won a lawsuit against Fraxel with (name omitted)". (End of quote from source) We’ll let you know if this holds out to be true or not. See story below. Dr Laura Skellchock, a holistic MD based right here on the East Coast of Florida, has died. We know very little details at this time. Her site was called Integrative Dermatology and she has done a number of videos and articles about integrative practices, natural health, and nutrition. Like most of the self-described integrative or holistic MDs who died, Dr. Skellchock also did procedures that were not 100% holistic, as some were of a cosmetic nature.
Source: NaturalNews Gardasil has been the subject of controversy for many years now. In fact, it has even been regarded as one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market today. Perhaps what is most alarming about this treacherous vaccine, however, is the fact that its manufacturer, Merck & Co, now wants to begin marketing their product to infants – and trials on babies have already begun. Merck recently launched a Gardasil vaccine trial on children at least one year old, and it's set to conclude in early 2017. You read that right. A pharmaceutical giant is testing a vaccine for an STD on babies. It doesn't really get more corrupt and outrageous than that, now does it? Gardasil was developed for the STD known as HPV, and was approved by the FDA in 2006. The disease did not become of concern until the 1980s, when research first suggested that there may be a link between HPV and cervical cancer. However, whether this link actually exists has been a major point of contention. There are several hypotheses that explain why HPV may not actually cause cancer, but one particularly interesting theory was expressed by McCormack et al in their paper…
Source: Dr. Rima Truth Reports WHERE THERE IS RISK THERE MUST BE CONSENT! Trump Transition Offers Unique OpportunityImpact Vaccination PolicyYOUR VOICE COUNTSDEMAND AN END TO VAX MANDATESEMAIL TRUMP NOW, CLICK HEREValue Your Freedom?Share This Urgent Message as WidelyAs Possible Using Every Means at Your Disposal "It's a numbers game. The more of our emails the Trump Transition Team gets, the more likely Donald Trump is to defy Big Pharma and end devastatingly deadly vaccine mandates." - Rima E. Laibow, MD Assert your right to Informed Consent by clicking on the Action Item below to send an email to the Trump Transition Team Media Center. As our thank you we will provide you with a link to the 35 page White Paper after you take the Action. As our bonus gift to you, you will receive a complementary subscription to our enewletter. Here is an excerpt of what we are telling President-elect Trump: EMAIL TRUMP NOW, CLICK HERE INTRODUCTION “The sky is blue, the science is settled, [sic] vaccines work.” Hillary Clinton “Whenever ‘The Science is Settled’ it is no longer science, it is religion. Where there is Risk there must be Consent.” Rima Laibow, M.D. The Institute for Health Research and the…
Source: The ConTrail By Claire Bernish In perhaps one of the most telling victories yet, the Army Corps of Engineers declared Monday that the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline must be shelved until further review. This review includes consultation with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe so it can be thoroughly evaluated to address the concerns of all parties. Energy Transfer Partners applied for permission to route the pipeline under the Missouri River's Lake Oahe reservoir under a law known as Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP), which limits the Army Corps' assessment of environmental impact to waterways, wetlands, and federally-owned property. Vehement but largely peaceful opposition began with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose government-allotted reservation draws drinking water from Lake Oahe. Although the focus of reports largely surrounds tribal rights and government exploitation, the potential for the Dakota Access Pipeline to spill or leak into the Missouri River would affect no less than 18 million people downstream. Thousands of allies of the Standing Rock Sioux water protectors have joined semi-permanent encampments near the banks of the Missouri from locations around the planet to block construction of the contentious pipeline. Earlier reports indicated the Corps and the outgoing Obama administration would…
Source: News With Views Like tens and tens of millions of Americans I was praying the night of the election (except for the two hour radio show I did that night). Been praying steadily for months that lifetime criminal, Hillary Clinton, would never step foot in the White House again. What happened Tuesday night was nothing short of a miracle. (Signs of divine intervention in Trump victory) Despite all the lies, the collusion between the completely discredited 'mainstream media' and the Clinton camp and huge voter problems in many states, Donald Trump won enough electoral college delegates to become president-elect. True to her SOP (standard operating procedure), Clinton kept the media and every one else waiting an hour and fifteen minutes for her concession speech the day after the election. The crook did not make her concession speech once the race was called in the wee hours of the morning because allegedly she couldn't stop crying. "It's so quiet at Clinton's HQ that you can hear an email being deleted" is a comment made by someone; I don't have an attribution. I'll just bet. Once a new Attorney General is confirmed and hopefully a new FBI Director, Bill and Hill…
Source: Organic Consumers Association When the DARK Act became law this summer, GMO labeling wasn't the only victim. Language included in the  DARK Act could also kill efforts to keep genetically modified organisms (GMOs) out of organic. TAKE ACTION BEFORE NOV. 15: Sign this petition telling the National Organic Standards Board to keep genetically modified organisms out of certified 'USDA organic' food. The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) plays a key role in protecting the integrity of organics by keeping genetic modification out of organic. But that task is increasingly challenging as complex new genetic engineering techniques, some of which are referred to as GMO 2.0, come online. Since 2013, the NOSB has been working on a proposal to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (NOP) to keep newer techniques of genetic modification, like cloning, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and mutated microorganisms, out of organic. The DARK Act could undo these efforts. The DARK Act, officially referred to as National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, directs the Agriculture Secretary to "consider establishing consistency between the national bioengineered food disclosure standard established under this section and the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 and any rules or regulations implementing that Act."…
Source: Nov 5, 2016 — Pipeline construction is less than ¼ mile away from the river, and we are doing everything we can do stop it – including putting our bodies on the line. Just look at the above photo, where Jasilea is choking after being maced by police forces. Friends, we need you at camp now. Please, if you are at all able, fill out this form to tell camp organizers that you are coming: We will be back to let you know about more days of action, but in the meantime please come to camp. The time is now. The Oceti Sakowin YouthPhoto by Indigenous Rising Media
Source: |  Download from Lost Arts Radio Click the picture or link above for the full 9-page PDF
Source: ACLJ 73 days. It might seem like a short amount of time, but in the context of the transition from the 44th President of the United States to the 45th, it may prove to be an eternity. The time between Election Day and Inauguration Day is always one of uncertainty in Washington, D.C. It is often marked with a decided uptick in displays of executive power (both legitimate and illegitimate). But this election cycle is shaping up to be particularly problematic in this regard. The 73 days between November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017 present a unique opportunity for political mischief, and there are three main reasons for it: First, and maybe most obvious, any time a President is nearing the end of the second term, there is a natural tendency to focus on “accomplishing” as much as possible in the final days of their Administration – with the focus on their legacy. Once Election Day has passed, there is little to no political price for the President’s party to pay as a result of actions taken in the waning days of the Administration, and thus the President is emboldened. Also, because the outgoing President is ineligible for reelection,…
Source: News With Views "If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of sobriety and true republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honour of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation." —Samuel Adams (1722–1803) Father of the American Revolution, Patriot and Statesman Election Day How many of you stayed up all night to watch the final electoral votes come in with Pennsylvania giving Donald J. Trump the victory? The entire day, I never turned on the TV, never tuned into Fox News, because I didn't want to listen to the pundits with their idiocy about this race. The talking heads make me want to kick the television. Praying throughout the day was what I was led to do. Even listening to Rush Limbaugh was off the agenda. Silence was truly golden. Many of us just rested in the Lord knowing all was in His Hands. My husband and I watched a movie, and then he retired for the night.…
Source: Infowars We're living in the future in which citizen reporting trumps mainstream media By standing up for Donald Trump when the establishment media went against him, media pioneer Matt Drudge has reignited independent journalism in which everyday Americans are just as important as the New York Times. Twenty years ago, Drudge correctly surmised the mainstream media would grow so attached to the establishment that it would soon become irrelevant. That irrelevancy came into fruition during the 2016 election when tens of thousands of establishment reporters shed all objectivity to destroy Trump, but all they've done is destroy themselves. "Any objective observer of the news media's treatment of Trump can certainly conclude that reporters are taking a side in this election — and they don't have to be wearing a button that says 'I'm with her' for this to be readily apparent," LA Times contributor Justin Raimondo wrote. "The irony is that the media's Trump bashing may wind up having the exact opposite of its intended effect." The establishment media relied on their "influence" to try to convince Americans to support Hillary Clinton without realizing their influence disappeared when they abandoned forgotten Americans to cozy up with DC insiders. In time,…
Source: Infowars Pre-election "results" conditioning public to accept rigged Hillary "victory" A NBC station was caught posting election results showing a Hillary Clinton victory days before the election, fueling concerns that the mainstream media is conditioning the public to accept a rigged election favoring Hillary. Political activists discovered a hidden web site for WRCB out of Chattanooga, Tenn. showing election results with Hillary Clinton securing 343 electoral votes and 42% of the popular vote. The web site originated from the FTP server of WorldNow, a media software company that provides real-time data – such as election results – and other media assets to local news stations. Click to enlarge The activist who found the page pointed out that the results align well with the “fractional vote” method used by voting machines to rig elections to a predetermined outcome. “On election day, you will see the same percentages overall, with only the numbers that claim to equal them different,” the activist reported. “The difference in total votes shown on the station pages, with the same overall final percentages proves the election theft is automated to hit desired percentages, no one has to lift a finger during the election itself to accomplish…
Source: Infowars Leading vote fraud expert breaks down how establishment may steal election Top vote fraud investigator Bev Harris broke down on the Alex Jones Show how the establishment may steal the election by rigging electronic voting machines.   Watch our Monday interview with fraud expert Bev Harris:   Watch Bev’s mini-documentary on secret election software designed to shave votes across the country:
Source: The ConTrail Propaganda is now such a pervasive part of Western governance that any foreign leader who resists the prevailing power structure can be turned into a demon and made a target of a "regime change" war by John Pilger: Common Dreams   What is seldom mentioned, writes Pilger, is that both Mosul in Iraq and Aleppo in Syria "would not be occupied by fanatics and ravaged by war if Britain and the United States had not invaded Iraq in 2003." (Photo: AFP/Fadi Al-Halabi) American journalist Edward Bernays is often described as the man who invented modern propaganda. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psychoanalysis, it was Bernays who coined the term "public relations" as a euphemism for spin and its deceptions. In 1929, as a publicist for the cigarette industry, Bernays persuaded feminists to promote cigarettes for women by smoking in the New York Easter Parade – behavior then considered outlandish. One feminist, Ruth Booth, declared, "Women! Light another torch of freedom! Fight another sex taboo!" Bernays's influence extended far beyond advertising. His greatest success was his role in convincing the American public to join the slaughter of the First World War. The secret, he said,…
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